Trusted Mail (TM)

With Trusted Mail, any sender can prove they have sent a mail with a sealed appendice securely to an e-mail address in an opposable way.


First you must register on the TrustO website. This registration process is different for natural persons and legal persons:

For natural persons:

  • The sender has to identify themselves on the TrustO platform by means of their electronic identity card (eID) and then apply to register.

  • The TTPOfficer will register the natural person on the TrustO platform, accredit them and make it possible for them to use TrustO solutions under his protection, supervision and safekeeping.

For legal persons (companies/organisations):  

  • If the sender is a legal person, they must first enter the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO) number of their organisation in the registration form on the TrustO site.

  • The natural person representing the legal person must then use their electronic identity card (eID).

  • The TTP Officer will then verify the information in the application to register. If everything is in order, the TTP Officer will give the user permission to use the TrustO platform.

  • The legal person may then authorise other natural persons in the user management system to legally represent the organisation and make use of the TrustO solutions. 


How do you use the TrustO platform after registration?

  • As soon as the pin code of the eID has been entered, an e-mail, with or without appendice, can be sent signed and sealed to an e-mail address. This e-mail address will then receive notification by means of a message from the platform that an e-mail is waiting for them. This digital message may then be downloaded and read via a hyperlink, which can be combined with a password or code.

  • If the person to whom the e-mail was addressed has not read the e-mail within a period to be determined by the sender, the sender may choose to send a legal paper printout of the message to the addressee. 

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