Although the benefits of e-Admin, particularly e-Invoicing, are immediately obvious to everyone, this is not always the case for fast and efficient collection activities


This final link in the transaction process is, however, crucial.


Every creditor-supplier wants their clients to pay each debt in full as quickly as possible. If this fails to happen, it can amount to a loss: additional efforts must be made (often with great difficulty) to recover the debt. Money that is not paid on time costs money (cash flow). 

Once a client opts for e-Admin, there are no obstacles to recovering money quickly, easily and transparently by using e-collect. TRUSTO offers previously unknown solutions, linked to absolute legal certainty based on the wall of trust that the public official erects around the digitalised flow of documents. 

If full payment has not been received following the digital dispatch of the invoice and reminders, you can send a digital dunning via TRUSTO from a collection actor (such as a collection agency, lawyer or court bailiff) from your own administration. In most cases this results in a significant reduction of the time it takes for bad debtors to pay


Solvability filter

If, despite the efforts mentioned above , an organisation must proceed to debt collection by external third parties (such as a collection agency, lawyer or court bailiff), they can first make use of the solvability filter. By doing so they can be sure that the third party can recover the maximum amount possible. 

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